CLUB RACING (contact to add your club here)

Bradenton YC. Winter Races: starting in October until April. Races at 1400 hours each Sunday. Thursday evening races at 1830 hours beginning in April through Daylight Savings Time. PHRF racing on Manatee River. Lower Tampa Bay race second Saturday of each month. Contact John Izmirlian at 941.587.7758 or  

Dunedin Boat Club. Spring in St Josephs Sound and Fall is Gulf PHRF racing.

Edison Sailing Center, Fort. Myers. Sunfish, dinghy racing once a month, year around.

Port Charlotte. Third Saturday of month, year-round.

Punta Gorda Sailing Club. Charlotte Harbor. Fall Series Sunday afternoon racing begins Sept. through Nov.

Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Friday evening races start in April.

Venice Sailing Squadron. Saturdays. First Saturday of each month, PHRF racing. Start at mouth of Venice Inlet.

NOT UPDATED YET BOAT OF THE YEAR RACES (click to go to all BOTY lists)  

Click on the link to go to the list of races for each area. Each race is color coded in the calendar below as shown here in the list. Below are areas from Tampa Bay going south to the greater Fort Myers area and Marco Island (Southwest Florida). For more on the BOTY races, go to West Florida PHRF, or the West Florida Yacht Racing Association.

Suncoast Boat of the Year Races (SuncoastBOTY) This is the Tampa Bay Area.
Two classes (sections) make up the BOTY races. The Spinnaker Class ("Section A") (SuncoastBOTY - S), and the rest of the classes combined ("Section B"), which includes Non-Spinnaker, Racer-Cruiser and Cruising. This latter section will have the NS symbol for brevity: (SuncoastBOTY - NS)

Sarasota Bay Boat of the Year Races (SBBOTY)
Charlotte Harbor Boat of the Year Races(CHBOTY)
Caloosahatchee Boat of the Year Races (CBOTY) Ft. Myers/Cape Coral area
Naples/Marco Island Boat of the Year Races (N/MBOTY)  
september 2011 - updated tHROUGH december
2 Davis Island YC. Labor Day Race
3 Davis Island YC. Flying Scot Race
4-5 Sarasota Sailing Squadron. 64th Labor Day Regatta, All classes (SBBOTY)
17 Caloosahatchee Marching & Chowder Society. Kayusa Cup PHRF (CBOTY)
17-18 St. Petersburg YC. Bruce Watters Regatta. Optimist Green fleet
17-18 Davis Island YC. J/24 Championship
24-25 Bradenton YC. Kickoff Regatta, PHRF (SBBOTY), (SuncoastBOTY - S,NS)
Sep 30-2 Lake Eustis Sailing Club. Wildcat Regatta, Catamarans
Sep 30-2 Lake Eustis Sailing Club. Wildcat Regatta, Catamarans
1 Davis Island YC. Keelboat Regatta
2 Davis Island YC. Dore Drake Women’s PHRF racing
4-8 St. Petersburg YC.. Rolex Women’s Match Racing Invitational Osprey Cup
8-9 St. Petersburg YC.. SPYC Fall Bay Race, PHRF. (SuncoastBOTY - NS,S)
8-9 Clearwater Yacht Club. Clearwater Championship
8-9 Caloosahatchee Marching & Chowder Society. Summerset Regatta, PHRF (N/MBOTY) (CHBOTY) (CBOTY)
8-10 Naples Community Sailing Center, USODA Southeastern Championship
12-15 St. Petersburg YC. North American Invitational (Cruiser Navigation)
15 Cortez YC. Cortez Cup, PHRF (SBBOTY)
15 Davis Island YC. Suncoast Laser Series
15 Tampa Sailing Squadron. Rumgatta Regatta, PHRF
15-16 Edison Sailing Center. Junior Olympics River Romp Regatta
21-23 Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Buzzelli Multihull Rendezvous, Stiletto Nationals
22 Lake Eustis Sailing Club. Florida Interscholastic Club 420 Team Racing
22-23 St. Petersburg YC.. Youth Match Racing
22-23 Clearwater Yacht Club. Clearwater Challenge, PHRF. (SuncoastBOTY - NS,S)
29 Dunedin Boat Club. Dunedin Cup and Kiwanis Regatta. (SuncoastBOTY - NS,S)
29 St. Petersburg YC. Team Racing Invitational
29 Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Great Pumpkin Regatta
29-30 Lake Eustis Sailing Club. 6th Annual Lake Championship Regatta
29-30 Davis Island YC. Sunfish Regionals
30 Davis Island YC. Classic from Clearwater YC to DIYC (SuncoastBOTY - NS,S)
XX UNCONFRMEDNaples Sailing & YC. Commodore's Cup. PHRF. (N/MBOTY)
5 Caloosahatchee Marching & Chowder Society, Festival of the Islands Race (CBOTY)
5-6 Sarasota Sailing Squadron. 2011 Flying Scot District Regatta
5-6 Davis Island YC. Area D Hobie Alter Cup Trials
5-6 St. Petersburg YC. Club Championship
5-6 Sarasota YC, Sarasota Yacht Club Invitational (SBBOTY)
5-6 Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center. Florida Regional Sunfish Championship
12-13 Naples Community Sailing Center. Naples Cup Regatta
12-13 Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Suncoast Laser Regatta
12-16 Davis Island YC. Star North Americans
12-13 Lake Eustis Sailing Club, 18th MC Scow Southeastern Region Championship Regatta
12-13 Punta Gorda Sailing Club. Moonlight Regatta
19 Clearwater Community Sailing Center, Carlisle Classic
19  Sarasota Sailing Squadron. 2011 Drumstick Regatta
19 St. Petersburg YC. Disabled Sailing & Kayaking Clinic
19-20 Marco Island YC, Fall Regatta (N/MBOTY)
19-20 Davis Island YC. Melges ACC
26-27 Davis Island YC, Thanksgiving Regatta
3 Caloosahatchee Marching & Chowder Society, Commodore’s Cup (CBOTY)
3-4 St. Petersburg YC, America's Disabled Open Regatta
3-4 St. Petersburg YC. J/24 Greenbench Regatta
10-11 Naples Yacht Club, Naples Offshore (N/MBOTY)
10-11 Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Laser District 13 Championship Regatta.
10-11 Punta Gorda Sailing Club, Holiday Regatta.  (CHBOTY)
1yyyy Davis Island YC, Hangover Bowl
1yyyy Sarasota Sailing Squadron, Hangover Regatta
2 Naples Sailing & YC, New Year’s Cup (N/MBOTY)
7yyyy Davis Island YC, Egmont Key Race (SuncoastBOTY-NS,S)
10-15yyyy IFDS World Championship. Charlotte Harbor
21-22yyyy Platinum Point YC. Golden Conch Regatta.  (CHBOTY)
13-15yyyy St. Petersburg YC, Gaspar (Snipe) Regatta
22 Caloosahatchee Marching and Chowder Society, Chili Cook-off Race
21yyyy St. Petersburg SA, Good Old Boat Regatta
14-15yyyy Davis Island YC, Commodore’s Cup  (SuncoastBOTY-NS,S)
28yyyy Avow Hospice, Hospice Regatta (N/MBOTY)
  Platinum Point YC.
3-6 Charlotte Harbor Regatta.
4-6 Lake Eustis Sailing Club, Wayfarer Midwinters
5-6 Lake Eustis Sailing Club, MC Scow Train Wreck Regatta
5-6 Tampa Sailing Squadron, Gasparilla Regatta
9-11 Davis Island YC, J24 Pan-Am Trials
12 Sarasota Sailing Squadron, Cherry Pie Regatta. (SBBOTY)
12 Dunedin Boat Club, 2nd Annual Valentine's Shorthanded Regatta. True Cruising, PHRF
12-13 Davis Island YC, J24 Midwinters
12-13 St. Petersburg YC, Valentine’s Day Regatta
15 Clearwater YC, For the Love of Sailing
18-20 Davis Island YC, Laser Masters Midwinters
18-20 St. Petersburg YC, NOOD
19-20 Lake Eustis Sailing Club, George Washington Birthday Regatta
19-20 Marco Island YC, Winter Cup (N/MBOTY)
24-27 Clearwater YC, Laser Midwinters East
25-27 St. Petersburg YC (PaG), 505/Contender Midwinters
26 Caloosahatchee Marching and Chowder Society, Edison Gulf Race (CBOTY)
26-27 Davis Island YC, Commodore’s Cup  (SuncoastBOTY-NS,S)
26-27 Venice YC, Windjammer to Venice. (SBBOTY)
26-27 Gulfport YC, Classic Moth Midwinters
26-27 St. Petersburg YC, Disabled Midwinters
5-6 St. Petersburg YC, Michelob Cup  (SuncoastBOTY-NS,S)
5-6 Punta Gorda Sailing Club. Conquistador Cup . (CHBOTY) (CBOTY)
5-6 Clearwater Community Sailing Center. Team FOR Invitational. Optimists
5-11 St. Petersburg YC, Thistle Midwinters
7-11 Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Flying Scot Midwinters
11-13 Davis Island YC, Fireball and Friends
12-13 St. Petersburg YC, Allison Jolly Regatta
12 Bradenton YC. Annual Around Egmont Key Race
12 Naples Sailing & YC, Spring Regatta (N/MBOTY)
14-16 Clearwater YC, Snipe Midwinters
17-19 Lake Eustis Sailing Club, MC Scow Midwinters
18-20 Sarasota Sailing Squadron. One-Design Midwinters
18-20 St. Petersburg YC, Winter Lightning Championship
19 Caloosahatchee Marching and Chowder Society, Shrimp Festival Race (CBOTY)
25-27 Lake Eustis Sailing Club, C Scow Midwinters
25-27 Gulf Coast Sailing Club, GCSC Regatta (N/MBOTY) (CBOTY)
25-27 St. Petersburg YC (PaG), Crown Cars (SuncoastBOTY-NS,S)
26-27 Isles Yacht Club. Leukemia Cup.  (CHBOTY)
1-3 St. Petersburg YC (PaG), Suncoast Raceweek. (SuncoastBOTY-NS,S,)
2-3 Gulfport YC, Multihull Spring Regatta
2-3 Mt. Dora YC. 58th Annual Sailing Regatta
5 St. Petersburg YC, FWSA Rainbow Regatta
9 St. Petersburg SA, Windship Regatta
9-10 Sailing Association of Marco Island, Bud Light Regatta (N/MBOTY)
16 Davis Island YC, J24 Pot O’Gold Regatta
16 Venice YC and Venice Sailing Squadron, Shark’s Tooth Cup. (SBBOTY)
17 Caloosahatchee Marching and Chowder Society, San T’weenie Race
23 Venice Youth Boating Association, Jabbo Gordon Regatta
27-30 Davis Island YC. 2nd Annual Tampa Bay to Fort Myers.
28-5 St. Petersburg YC, Regatta del Sol at Sol
30-1 Clearwater YC, Clark Mills Regatta
30-1 Naples Sailing & YC, Messmer Cup (N/MBOTY)
30-1 Tampa Sailing Squadron, Regional Sea Scout Regatta
7 Bird Key YC, Sarasota Bay Cup. (SBBOTY)
14 Caloosahatchee Marching and Chowder Society, Estebel Night Race
14 Davis Island YC, J24 Rodeo
14-15 Sarasota Youth Sailing Program, Sailfest
18 Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Bone Island Regatta. Sarasota to Key West.
19-20 Naples Sailing & YC, Bone Island Regatta to Key West (N/MBOTY)
22-23 Naples YC, Key West to Naples Race (N/MBOTY)
28-29 Davis Island YC, School’s Out Regatta
4-5 Tampa Sailing Squadron, Commodore’s Regatta
11 Caloosahatchee Marching and Chowder Society, Ladies Day Race
18 Summer Sailstice River Regatta. Regatta Pointe Marina, Palmettto
Suncoast BOTY Section A, Spinnaker Classes (SuncoastBOTY-S)
Sept. 25-26 BYC Fall Kickoff Regatta
Oct. 2-3 DBC Dunedin Cup
Oct. 9-10 SPYC Fall Bay Race
Oct. 22-23 DIYC Classic DIYC to Clearwater
Oct. 30-31 CYC Clearwater Challenge
Dec. 11-12 DIYC Commodores Cup
Jan. 8-9 DIYC Egmont Key
Mar. 5-6 SPYC Michelob Cup
Mar. 26-27 SPYC @PAG Crown Cars Regatta
April 1-3 Suncoast Race Week

Suncoast BOTY Section B, Non-Spinnaker, Racer-Cruiser, Cruising (SuncoastBOTY-NS)
Sept. 25-26 BYC Fall Kickoff Regatta
Oct. 2-3 DBC Dunedin Cup
Oct. 9-10 SPYC Fall Bay Race
Oct. 22-23 DIYC Classic DIYC to Clearwater
Oct. 30-31 CYC Clearwater Challenge
Dec. 11-12 DIYC Commodores Cup
Jan. 8-9 DIYC Egmont Key
Mar. 5-6 SPYC Michelob Cup
Mar. 26-27 SPYC @PAG Crown Cars Regatta
April 1-3 Suncoast Race Week

Sarasota Bay BOTY  (SBBOTY)
Sept. 4-5 2010 Labor Day Regatta Sarasota Sailing Squadron
Sept. 25-26 BYC Kick-Off Regatta Bradenton YC
Oct. 9 Cortez Cup ** Cortez YC
Nov. 6 SYC Invitational Regatta Sarasota YC
Feb. 12 February 12, 2011 Cherry Pie Regatta SSS
Feb. 26-27 February 26 - 27 Windjammer to Venice ** SSS & Venice YC
April 16 Shark’s Tooth Cup ** Venice SS & Venice YC
May 7 Sarasota Bay Cup Bird Key YC
Charlotte Harbor Boat of the Year Races (CHBOTY)
Oct 15-17. Summerset .Caloosahatchee Marching and Chowder Society (CMCS) 
Dec. 11-12 Holiday Regatta. Punta Gorda Sailing Club
Jan 15-16 Golden Conch Regatta. Platinum Point YC
March 5-6 Conquistador Cup .PGSC
March 26-27 Leukemia Cup. Isles YC

Caloosahatchee BOTY (CBOTY)
Sept 18 Kayusa Cup .CMCS (South Seas Plantation) 
Oct 15-17. Summerset .Caloosahatchee Marching and Chowder Society (CMCS) 
Nov 6 Festival of the Islands .CMCS 
Dec 4 Commodore’s Cup .CMCS
Feb 26 Edison Gulf Regatta .CMCS
March 5-6 Conquistador Cup .PGSC
March 19 Shrimp Festival .CMCS
March 26-27 Gulf Coast Sailing Club SWFL Regatta .GCSC
Naples/Marco Island BOTY (N/MBOTY)
Oct. 14-17 Summerset Regatta. CMCS.
Oct. 23-24  Commodore’s Cup. NSYC
Nov. 13-14  Fall Regatta. MIYC
Dec. 10-11  Naples Offshore NYC
Jan. 2  New Year’s Cup. NSYC.
Jan. 29 Avow Hospice Regatta. Avow Hospice.
Feb. 19-20 Winter Cup. MIYC
March 12 Spring Regatta. NSYC
March 26-27 GCSC Regatta. GCSC
April 9-10 Bud Lite Regatta. SAMI
April 30-May 1  Messmer Cup. NSYC.
May 18-20 Bone Island Regatta (Key West). NSYC
May 22-23 Naples to Key West and Return. NYC